Anyone know anything about these? They look great for making your 100w tube amp able to perform in the bedroom, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about them.
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I'll assume you're talking about THD.

No, they're not good for taking your 100 watt amp down to bedroom volumes. For that you'll need a reamping rig, or a smaller amp, or a bigger bedroom.

They're good attenuators, the Weber MASS units are quite a bit cheaper and just as good with more features like multiple impedances and EQ options.
Attenuators weren't meant to bring a cranked 100W down to practice amp levels, but to shave a few decibels off and allow you to bring the power tubes to saturation levels without killing your audience.

It will sound awful unless you reamp it because the tone suck from that much attenuation will be ludicrous.
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For the most part, I agree with the above posters. Attenuators were never designed to allow people to play at bedroom volumes with huge stacks; anybody who uses them for that purpose is going to see bad results because of it.

One option you may want to consider since you're clearly willing to drop some coin on your amplifier is the Faustine Phantom. It's a new attenuator that many claim is the most transparent they've ever used, even at fairly extreme settings like -24dB. That'd be equivalent with knocking your amp from 100 watts to about 1/2 watt. Last I heard, the Phantom had a waitlist of about 4 months, and it runs $659 for a single ohm version or $749 for the 4/8/16 switchable ohm version. It's crazy expensive, but for somebody spending two grand on an amp, it may be worth it.
yes the THD wont do it. i have one for my DSL100, it doesnt work, as previously said, the tone suckage at high levels of attenuation is unbelievable, might as well be plugged into my old spider II. thats why im going to sell up to get myself a nice 30 watt Orange amp!
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