hey guys sorry if this is a dumb question but i was honestly wondering this as i have little to no experience with pedals. im planning on getting a line 6 dl4 delay pedal cause im just getting into effects besides od and wah so lets say i turn it to sweep echo and am playing(just a scenario) and then i need to shut it off so im back to straight distortion do i just hit one of the 4 stomp buttons to do that? cause to adjust the different types of delay you need to turn the dial on it obviously so i kind of was wondering on whether that applies to turn off the delay effects altogether cause that would be a little more inconvenient than the boss dd7 pedal where you just have to stomp it thanks for the helps guys!
stomp on, stomp off. nothing fancy.
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stomp on, stomp off. nothing fancy.

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I have a DL-4 question - do they suck your tone much when bypassed?
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