ok I am looking to get a low wattage tube amp, I am looking to spend about 1k. I want it for hard rock/metal. I will mainly be using this around the house but I plan on using it to jam with friends. My question is should I get a amp with great cleans and then throw a pedal at it or just get a higher gain model.

I have looked at various fenders
Vox NightTrain
Orange TT
Krank Rev Jr. Pro
Krankenstein Jr.
egnater Rebel 20
Blackstar HT-5
Also I have considered the bogner alchemist 112(It should be noted I can get this for about 800 bucks where I work, but its 40 watts.)

I am really close to just buying the alchemist but I thought I would ask the UG community for their feedback.

Also my epi LP's electronics are messed up so I am thinking about replacing them, What is the general consensus on Dimarzio pickups?
that's a pretty good deal on the alchemist, but matt's design is pretty sweet too, and prolly set him back a tiny fraction of the 1K you're looking to drop. i'm not telling you to take the stage with a cake pan, but for jamming with friends, why not?
You should try out the Krankenstein. Are you looking for great distortion, or great cleans? If you're looking for great distortion, try Peavey 5150. =] Great amp.
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