well, as the title says Ive been having a tough time choosing the right PA system for me. Im gonna be playing small gigs at coffee shops and the like using my acoustic guitar and vocals most of the time. (it would be nice to have a couple more inputs than that just in case but it all depends)

I was looking at the fishman solo amp which has gotten some rave reviews. It looks like a pretty good option but 1,000 dollars is just about hitting the top of my price range. alot of people slam it for not having enough bass but I dont think much bass is necessary for acoustic and vocals... I also like the vertical style which apparently has some benefits with sound distribution throughout the room and whatever else. Please dont suggest the similar but better bose model. yes, I know its better but 2,500 is alot for a 17 year old scrounging for work hours (and not getting them). And the cheaper bose version which is 1,000 does not look comparable to the fishman (I dont trust the bose to choose the perfect settings itself as it claims to do)

But anyway give me any suggestions and good thoughts you have

I dont mean to "bump" this but can someone please give me a little advise on this?!?!