Imo, southern rock tone is for the most part just classic rock, blues rock tone... so a pretty general ball park tone would be something like a les paul with PAFs into a Marshall plexi or Fender BF.

I always associate "southern rock tone" with Duane Allman or Dickie Betts tone, which is a les paul with PAFs into a Marshall 50 watt jmp head pushing a 4x12 with JBLs. So just find a good set of PAF style pickups.

So just a few off the top of my head, I haven't tried all these though...

If you're on more of a budget... (~$150-$200)

Seymour Duncan '59s
Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates
Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers
Seymour Duncan Antiquities

are all pretty good

For more of a mid level budget... (~$250-$350)

WCR Crossroads
WCR Fillmore
WCR Darkburst
WCR Goodwood
Wolfetone Dr. Vintage
Wolfetone Marshallhead/mkII
Bareknuckle Stormy Monday
Bareknuckle Mule
Rock Monkey Vintage Original

If you have even more to spend... (~$400+)
Throbak SLE 101 Ltd
SD pickups Vintage Labs
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