Poor title.

My brother seems to think that a Les Paul shaped guitar can fit into this case, I don't think so, I think you will need a bigger one. But this isn't a Les Paul, It's a Schecter Solo-6 (which iI think is bigger). This is it: http://www.gknauer.de/WEB/JPGS/219225.jpg

And this is the case (I'm only figuring this out because if I get this guitar, I don't want to spend more on a case): http://www.beringmusic.com/store/images/Voyageur%20Acu%20Bag_MED.jpg

Thanks for answering my very dumb question.
Camilla Choads.
Edit: Actually now kinda looking at the case, I think it will, haha. But what do you think? The case is soft and quite big so, meh.
Camilla Choads.
it will fit.

but will it blend?
duh nah nah nah nuh nah
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That's what she said.

wow.. didnt see that one coming... -_-
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wow.. didnt see that one coming... -_-

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Doesn't seem like it's gonna fit.

It should fit.. I don't see why not. If anything the curve will just stick out a lil bit.

hahaha awesome. great picture.

it'll fit, gig bags are made to fit almost anything