I was changing out the rusty hardware today for my jackson dinky dx10d when i realized i adjusted the pickup's height big time. Does anyone know approximately how high off the body the pickups should be or are there any sites for information that would tell me. Just two seymour duncan humbuckers. I also adjust the bridge on it too, which is a string through style.
personal preference really. closer = more sustain, too close can cause the pickups to interfere with the strings vibrations tho.
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Personal preference is correct.

I tend to keep my bridge pup closer to the strings, and neck a bit farther. But that's just me. Plug your guitar in, and see how it sounds at closer, farther, middle. Just fool around.
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The closer the pups are, the more it'll interfere with sustain. The magnets pull on the strings, so the closer they are, the harder the magnets pull. It may or may not be a big deal to you or on your guitar, but theoretically it's there.