Okay, so I have a floyd rose system on my Peavey HP special signature series. I want to change the strings on it. I can change them just fine but the problem lies with the saddle. I want to get it exactly even with the surface of the body, but it's always off just a little bit, but not like a whole inch off or in the body. Anyone can give me tips on what to do?
Saddle? That's what the strings sit in :S they should already be level. If you mean you just want the bridge to be parallel then there isn't much you can do other than adjust the spring claw tension by trial and error.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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you want your saddle to be flush with your body? or you want your saddle to be parallel with the body?
You mean the base of the Floyd? or actually the individual saddles that the strings go into? Because the saddles will almost always be raised in the back slightly due to how the fine tuners operate. For the base of the Floyd to sit flush (or parallel) it's what Deep*Kick said, you need to adjust the claw screws behind the guitar.
But if you've already adjusted it a lot, and it's still coming un-parallel, Then you might need to lube you're trem posts.
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