What is your opinion of them? specifically, the Vintage Super Swede. I'm thinking about looking into one, but I've heard very mixed reviews. Can you help me?

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i've only heard good things, but i've never gotten to play one. i've heard the quality is more than you'll find with most other guitars for the money
ive played one that was like a shred SG. it was great. dont know what it was called but she said she got it for like $800.
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They seem pretty decent to me, and cheaper than other good brands. Try some out.
Well, I have a 1970-72 (not exactly sure of the year) Hagstrom 3, all original, and it is incredible. My friend used to play a MIA Tele, but now he plays the Hagstrom only. I would Highly reccomend any Hagstrom if it is even close to the quality of the one that I have. It feels great, sounds great (alot like a Strat clean, but it take son a life of it;s own distorted) and looks great.