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---good night.---

under these warm sheets we call sky
a gray-scale city covers the ground

a cold breeze dances through the night,
you put your arms around my body
i kiss your cheek to show i'm still there
we pull our sheets over our heads

"we may not glitter like stars above,
truth be told they glitter like us"

under these warm sheets we call sky
i hold your hand and you hold mine


Twin smokestacks jutting out of mother earth.
They're giant nicotine-free cigarettes.
We don't need them, but we're
always smoking. The birds are too.

---The Ground---

I looked at the ground today -
the mud, the grey of dissarray,
the clump of brown and crack of
black, the twisted bits of grass
or weed, a split packet of crisps
or leaky can of beer. I notice
two woodlice disappear under
a stone shaped like an ear.

I watch the wet ground dry like

Particle by wet and woeful particle.

I lift up my head, my eyes,
and I scour the empty skies.

---My Cloud---

She's not the same shape
as she was when we met.
Her bones have never looked so clean.
Her posture's never held so sleek,
and my hands have never felt so weak
as I look up and marvel
at her newfound beauty.

She once was the greyest ghost in the sky,
held tight to a backdrop painting of her own kind.
She'd find the perfect spot to lay,
somewhere between the sun and my veins,
whisper about her loneliness
and pour her heart out over me.

Now she dare not get so close,
though she still lets me know she's there.
A whisp of white drifting in the distance,
leaving me to my business,
but sinking me still.

---Villain of the Earth---

Where is my place in life?
Do I have one?
Is it my right to decide
who lives and who dies?
What are rights, but
given to us by big men
flying on the backs of enslaved griffons.
We are but caged animals, staring at the sky,
wondering what it's like to fly.

Do you ever wonder what's up there? I do.
Probably nothing, but I guess
that's what makes it beautiful.
We drink and smoke our minds to oblivion,
destroying our perceptions, because they are clouded,
to reach that promised land that is 'nothing'.
I want it.
And I want to share it with you.

Government, business, religion; all builders
of systems and things to block out the sky.
Do not build, do not
drink to a false sky, but instead
And don't stop until you destroy the world.

"Do you know what's up there?
We are."
Are we allowed to vote in this one if we're in the other grouping?
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black