Amaj7 - A6 / Gmaj7 / Cadd9 / Cmaj7 - C
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i think...its in D major

gah i haven't been brushing up on theory lately, but isn't a major 7th chord a major chord with a major 7th?

if so then the only sharps i got were C# and G# which would put you in D major... >__>

someone help this guy out along with helping me out.
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it also has an F# in both the first two chords. it resolves to the C chord, so I was assuming it was C Lydian with a flat second used in the A major chord as a passing tone to the natural (D) in the Gmaj7 chord. but I'm not satisfied with that explanation yet
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wtf is a selfie? is that like, touching yourself or something?
F#, G# and C natural, that's a bit of on awkward key signature. Tried playing, it doesn't really feel like it revolves to the C. It still needs somewhere to go.
Where's it from? Whats before and after it? Anything?

If thats it, my (beginnerish) thought process would be...

Its not diatonic. You've got a GMaj7 and an AMaj7 - normally if you've got 2 major chords next to each other they are the IV and V chords of the major scale - but if they were the A would be a dom7, not a Maj7. You've also got CMaj, which wouldn't fit diatonically with G and A major

so looking at the notes:

Amaj7 - A C# E G# - A Maj
A6 - A C# E F# - gets rid of the G# and uses the F# to lead to
Gmaj7 - G B D F# - G Maj, C Lydian would work
Cadd9 - C E G D - Could still be G Maj, or if tonal centre is now C, C Lydian or C Maj
Cmaj7 - C E G B - C Maj or C Lydian
C - C E G - C Maj or C Lydian

So if I had to pick a scale I'd probably go for A Maj for the first 2 chords, and C Lydian for the rest. Haven't tried playing it tho.
what do you mean decipher? what do you want to do with it?

seems to resolve to a D pretty naturally. From that i would put it in D mixolydian given the abundance of C chords
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