Today I was at guitar center and stumbled upon a Black Jem7 that was used for $1200! ... today's a day I wish I had an extra $1200....
I believe they have a finance plan so you can pay over several months. You could trade in or sell some of your other gear and put it towards that also. But I would go down there and put a down payment on it so they will hold it for you.
A friend of my dads offered me his Jackson Soloist SL1T for $700. At the time I didn't have the money, but when I got the money we could not contact him.
Because deep down, I know you want to:

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Yeah I get this all the time dude just last week in fact on a peavey head + Orange cabinet deal. What I did is chat with the sales person explain that I really want it but can't get the money right now then I get their business card and get them to write the details of the gear you want with the price they quoted bring it back in the future and they will honour it never failed for me so far
Marshall Stack with a JCM 2000 for $250.

F*ck sakes, I'm still pissed off about that and it was 3 years ago. Kid was moving out, he was rich, and didn't want it anymore. Didn't even f*cking play guitar.