Yeah i'm new here....i play bass, and i don't really know where to start here, or where to post this.

Can someone suggest any good songs for me to learn on bass?
Hey there, buddy! Welcome to UG!

This isn't the right forum for this. Try the Bass Guitar forum. The guys there could help you.
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If you want some songs to learn on bass, there is already a thread for that in the bass forum. As a general rule, before making your own thread on something, look to see if there is already a thread about it. By doing this you can have your question answered faster, and avoid having your thread closed for being the same as other threads. To search, you can use the bar near the top of the page that says 'search' or the link that says 'search' (also near the top of the page).

Here's a link to the thread with song suggestions for bass.
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