ok this my sound stupid and all but im serious, if someone makes a fake myspace page pretending to be you can you actually sue them for stealing your identity??

without getting much detail, its a family members page and we know who made the fake version of it 'cause we were told the login email they used to make the page and its the backup email of that person
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Identity theft. 'tis illegal.

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i think its dumb to be able to sue for that, but you probably could.
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Yea I heard something about that where this kid got in a shitload of legal trouble when he impersonated someone on Myspace and pissed off alot of people with it
legal question? to the pit!

You could, but you'd lose. Like that one woman who impersonated a dude and caused a chicks suicide. she got off clean.
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technically, yes.

the courts willingness to convict over it relies on how much damage was done. and with just a myspace page, probably not enough
Defamation of Character?
today, if you were a criminal breaking into someones house in the middle of the night and you tripped over a left out toy because it was dark and you broke your leg, you could sue the owner of the household and get away with breaking and entering.
Today, if you bought an RV and were driving it on the freeway and you decided to put the RV on cruise control because you thought it would drive its self so you could go use the toilet and you ended up driving off the side of the freeway and crashed, you could sue the RV company for not putting the manual in the open so you could read and you would get 60 million.
Today, you could sue McDonalds if you spilled their coffee on you and got 3rd degree burns because they made it to hot and you would make millions off it.

so yeah, i think you could sue for that and win.
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legal question? to the pit!

You could, but you'd lose. Like that one woman who impersonated a dude and caused a chicks suicide. she got off clean.

yeah. wasnt it her mother though? or different story?
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I doubt it. or else all of the fake celebrity myspace pages'd be toast along with the people who made them.

Yea there's a Myspace page that has the Vanessa Hudgens nude pic and she added the actual Vanessa Hudgens account on her friends list and posted several times "do you want me to delete my account?" That account lasted a long time. I'm not sure if it's still there because that was so long ago