hey guys iv got an esp explorer loaded with two emgs and a les paul copy with dimarzio pickups. i heard that in order to get squeals like zakk's to really ring out u need to have a more higher action. i can get them to really ring out on the les paul which has a normal action but on the explorer which has low action i cant really get them to ring out as much they sort of just ping and then thats it where as the les paul really rings out like zakks any thoughts/answers to if u need a more higher action to get the squeals to ring out? Also would the type of amp come in to play as well? thanks!!!
my action is pretty damn low w/ passive pups like your lp and i ring out squeelies fine. maybe its just the pickups, always do them out the bridge, unless your retarted and use a really high gain pick up for the neck or something i guess..

boosting the treble though, usually helps, so do that both for the tone control on your guitar and amp.
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Higher gain pickups/amp would probably help.
But I can see how you can sustain a pinch harmonic alot longer with lower action as compared to higher action which would make tougher for your fingers to sustain that harmonic.

Good technique helps the most.
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When you do a pinch harmonic where you strike the string affects the sound (at least in my experience). Try mixing up where you pick/pinch the string, eg. closer to the neck, closer to the bridge, whatever, just mix it up and see if that helps
If your action is so low that you're fretting out that would cause you difficulties, and you'd notice it more on harmonics than normal fretted notes. Other than that, if its a different scale length they'll be in slightly different places on your explorer than your lp, so you need to find the 'sweet spots' for that guitar.
When you try and hit a squealie location is very important. You really have to search around to find the best spot. Also hitting a squealie in a different place will make a different harmonic come out. Generally speaking I have found that closer to the neck makes lower harmonics and closer to the bridge makes higher ones. also as you move up the fret board the "sweet spot" moves up too.

Beyond that, humbuckers or active pickups mixed with some high gain will help bring it out.

I like to practice them on my acoustic. That way I have to do it exactly right to hear it come out. If you don't have an acoustic then practicing them with your electric unplugged works too.
My action is extremely low and I can rip out pinches just fine.
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My action is pretty high and I do have to say that they have gotten better since then but then again I might have just gotten better at them in general.
if your action is so low that you're getting fret buzz, or dead notes, of course a harmonic isn't going to ring out. but that's common sense. if you want your harmonics to sound like wylde's, you need to use some heavy vibrato, and get a feel for where the best nodes are.

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Dude i play hrough a fender tele. and i can match Zakks sound. its techneque and the type of strings can really effect the sound
delay, loads of gain and proper technique. Oh and high does help. the string will vibrate longer than with low action. If you want zakks sound throw a wide vibrato with your pinch harmonics and dig in hard with a heavy gauge pick
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you also might want to think to "pick harder" when trying for pinch harmonics

when you try to make a loud aggressive squeal, it always occurred to me that the picking action should be aggressive too

and doing that sort of made that kind of motion with my thumb allowed nice hamonics
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I personally need to pick it harder on my higher action guitar(2 hums),on my Strat HSS on the other hand it's so easy I can just concentrate on getting a good bend/vibrato on it but of course the harmonic locations are different on the 2 setups.