Poll: Do you think a Gibson ES is a good blues / rock guitar?
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I started playing guitar about 2 years ago, and i just got a crappy eleca model made to look like a strat. then about 5 months ago i got an epiohone special 2 with a les paul style body. it is a good guitar, but find it to just not quite have the right sound for what i want. i play a blues / rock type of lead, and i was looking for a guitar that would be good for that. one that i was really looking into was the gibson ES... i was just wondering if that sounds about right for my style of playing, or do you have any other suggestions??

also, i have been hearing alot about effects and pedals lately, and i've never really understood them. I was wondering if anyone could give me a quick 50 word overview of how they work, and maybe some suggestions of good pedals for a blues / rock style of play

thank you all very much

Logan Yake
PS: my style leans more towards blues than rock and some of my role models and the people whos styles i try to follow are jimi hendrix, led zepplin, and Carlos Santana
I don't see why you think the Special II isn't a guitar good for that sort of thing. Remember that your amp affects your tone more than the guitar.

Yes, the Gibson ES would be good for what you want, as well as a lot of things, but the Special II is a good starter that is also an all rounder.

Quick overview of effects and pedals... hmm: They change your tone in weird and wonderful ways. You can get different distortions, cool synth sounds, vocal like qualities, echo effects, and so on. Pedals are what the effects come in, and you can also get amps with built in effects. Not too sure on what would be good for your style, you'd have to try some out at a store.
You can play anything on a 333 335 or 339 imo.
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thats a HUGE jump from a no-name electric to a 335. i'd suggest an SG for your styles, but a 335 should work find too