Yeah guys I'm feeling kind of down

I'm in the mood for metal but all of my stuff only serves to pump me up, think, admire or relax

So I'm wondering if you guys know any metal songs that genuinely make you feel good about life.

preferably death or black but I'm open to anything that fits above criteria.
Tell me if you like them, not black metal or anything, but a really original band.
Camilla Choads.
i heard, in america, if you are feeling down and like heavy metal then it helps to go on a shooting spree in your school?

anyway, try some cheesey power metal bands or something. they arent always cheery sounding but some of 'em have good-sing-along chorus'
"live to tel the tale" by nightwish?

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Yeah, it's not exactly what I was looking for but I do like the band, and it has cheered me up a bit anyway.

Though I don't think they're exactly metal.

EDIT: to the protest fan
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they are metal my friend.

maybe gay/symphonic/poppy-goth metal but they are deffinately metal
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no lol I was talking about baptized in blood.

And I'm Canadian and it's summer so I can't shoot up my school.

But thanks guys, the Korpiklaani was perfect. It's good to know that you have the metal forum to bring you back up when a girl lets you down. Even if it's 3:20 AM
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Augury - The Lair of Purity

This will get anyone out of a bad mood. ANYONE!

Let me see about that, brb

EDIT: Meh, didn't work for me
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Alestorm - Wenches and Mead.

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Damn you! I was going to say Alestorm!

Just read FMLs, they cheer me up knowing how much someone else's life sucks.
Ecliptica by Sonata Arctica, always cheers me up
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Beercore aka party thrash
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Municipal Waste, Stormtroopers of Death, DRI and Suicidal Tendencies is what I'm prescribing.
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Look up Cannibal Corpse lyrics, always good for a laugh.

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The fact that no one has mentioned Blind Guardian assures me of this forum's lack of knowledge.

I heard that they made a soundtrack for a videogame recently, anyone know which one?
Equilibrium - "Blut Im Auge"

Power Quest - "Temple of Fire"

These two always make me feel good.
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Check out some live DragonForce for a laugh.
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Kyuss - Lick Doo.

Doesn't get much more cheery than this. I'm not even kidding, this is a very cheery song. Sickeningly so.
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