yo check out my recordings of my new band, we don't take ourselves seriously just tryin to have a few laphs and make a few recordings tell me what you think myspace.com/the*hitkickersonleetonia and the * is a s. sorry wouldn't let me post the link hahaha
God Bless
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I'm liking the mood set by Kicker's Reunion. But seriously if its for laughs the vocalist could thrown in a few screams there! I kept feeling like it would've came out but it never did. I had to slap myself just to get the feeling to pass. disappointing as far as that goes 8*( but as far as the everything else is good, though would've done good to have something else other than an acoustic I guess.

(I could understand wanting to record conversation between the mates b4 the start of the song, but it gets in the way if it's on every track.)

Living Dead just sounds like another iteration of Reunion?