Hey, if anyone is interested, I have a ton of originals on my PROFILE. The numbered songs are in order of creation and newer and more complete songs have names :P The older one's are not my best so don't worry about them so much! Also, I have just started singing really so its probably not super ha ;P I'll gladly crit anything you throw at me and answer any questions you may have!

Just to avoid saying this a million times, here's the setup I'm using for recording:

Guitar: Schecter Hellraiser FR (Newer Songs) Schecter Damien 6 (Older stuff)

Gear: Line 6 Pod XT Live, Crate HalfStack

Recording Method: I use my Pod to record guitar straight into Riffworks (line 6 software) via USB. I've found this gets me the best tone for my setup :P If I'm going to do vocals, I export the guitar tracks to Sony ACID Music Studio and record them there for ease of use.

-Thanks in advance for the crits! PS. I also have a few covers up so check them out if you'd like!
listed to "An Ancient" Evil

gotta say I'm digging the leads ^_^ though I felt that maybe they should've came in sooner so as to not drag out the intro for too long. something is really off with the rhythm guitars as far as how you recorded/mixed them. Were you panning the rhythm tracks hard left/right? They sounded mean, just not pronounced enough imo. a drum track+some compression will do nicely ^_^ along with pumping that rhythm out some more

The Love song as got a nice groove to it, just need some work on the vocals, flat- sounds a bit unenthusiastic despite the title of the song :P otherwise pretty good so far. 0:52 probably needs a bit of more work as far as changing the mood of the song, *letting a drum track sorta pick up pace with it and carry the song through, and perhaps consider throwing an extra track strictly rhythm? You have an acoustic you can mic?

I listen to rebirth and got to say I like that style, it that happy metal style and not depressing like most metal is nowadays. The only thing I would change with that song is how the clean comes into distortion, it sounds like the clean is a bit louder than the distortion is, and it sounds like you aint useing very much mids. I would add just a little bit more so it cuts through a bit better so the lead doesent over power it.

I also listened to An Ancient Evil, which I thought was good, like the guy above me said, the rythem is a bit off.

The last one I want to comment on is the I love you song, I thought it was a great song, its just the lyrics could of been pulled through more, but the guitar playing was damn good.

Crit my stuff, I record alot of Ideas and when I get a drum program I plan on adding them to the songs. But Its not very high qulity stuff.