Looking for people in the Sherwood Park/Edmonton area to play some
Thrash/Melodic death/Power metal with, I do want to go big with music, but at this age just finding someone else to play with would be great.

So if you wanna write some music, or cover something let me know.

Some bands I like playing in no particular order:
- Pantera
- Slayer
- 3 Inches of Blood
- Metallica
- Arch Enemy
- At the Gates
- Children of Bodom
- Black Sabbath
- Blind Guardian
- Demons and Wizards
- Iced Earth
- Iron Fire
- Death
- The Misfits
- Firewind
- Iron Maiden
- In Flames
the list goes on and on....
Im in, as long as this thread isnt too old.
How about a high five?

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