So if i do scale exercises on my acoustic guitar to train my voice, will it have any effect on my voice because i heard you should do it to a piano or keyboard, but im not sure my pianos in tune anymore. So basically is this alright to do?
i dont see why not. it makes the same tones i suppose. but id wait for someone to pop in here that has more experience with it for i dont. like i said. the theory is pretty solid.
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Well i sometimes do it with certain chords, such as like A or C for example, it's more of a rough guide, and it gives confidence imo. I wouldn't take it to seriously, the best way is singing along to your faveourite artists, and artists who can actually sing, then turning the volume down a bit and keeping your voice at normal volume so you can shine through.

Singing is all about training, it doesn't happen instantly :P It took me one good year to make my voice smooth Its worth it
yea, I say it would help. it gives you something to compare your voice to so you can tell how close you are to pitch. maybe even try improvising slowly within your range and singing the notes as you go.

edit: oh yea, there's a singing thread stuck to the top of this forum. I'm sure you'll get better advice in there.
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Owh definately, i use my acoustic guitar to do vocal exercises aswell, i personally think its easier and more effective than piano, because you can feel the vibrations of the guitar against your body, which is good guide to to know if you're in pitch... i would definately recomend it.