So, I've got an Ibanez Iceman 400 and the intonation on the d string is off. Its saddle is screwed as close to the pickups as it can be but still doesnt sound right.

Its a tune-o-matic style bridge so I guess I am asking if there are any replacement bridges that I could look into that have a wider range of adjustment?
Maybe just keep screwing with the intonation.

It's not necessarily a good thing if the saddle's all the way up to the bridge, fiddle around with it some more, and see if you can find the sweet spot.

Otherwise, I'd suggest looking into a Tonepros tune-o-matic. I've been using those for a while, and they haven't been anything but amazing on the guitars I have them on.
i dont think so, i got everything else set up properly and i know which direction the saddle needs to go for the string to be properly intonated and it just wont go that far.
wind it all the way up, then try tuneing it again... might work
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okay anybody with something constructive to add? I have tried everything and i have seen the bridges on alembic guitars that have a wide range of intonation adjustment.
If your strings are fairly old, that can throw off intonation by tons. That or maybe you just got a bum string or something. If all your other strings are intonated fine then that really wouldn't make sense why you couldn't get all but one.
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Gibson used a tuno with much more range on the L6S

But I really doubt you'll be able to find one these days.

You can do is turn the saddle around on the D string so the vertical part is toward the head and the angled part is toward the tail. (if you haven't done that already)

Or you could use a slightly heavier gauge string for the D. That will cause the intonation to be flatter when fretted at the 12th. This might put you in range.
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Replace your strings. This has happened to me quite a few times and all it was was old strings.
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