Hi everyone! One of my favourite bands is Iced Earth. I listen to 'em and to Demons & Wizards for a very long time, so...I've decided to compose some songs in Schaffer's style, and now I have a full album, which consists of 10 songs. Most of them are more "Iced Earth-ish", and 2 of 'em reminds more Demons & Wizards than IE.

Crit every song please....
C4C as always

P.S. I've made some Iced Earth tab contributions on the UG, check 'em out!
P.P.S - some new songs will be soon...

Sincerely yours - Tom Araya
2009 - Visions Of Darkness.zip
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How long did this take you to compose?

I checked out most of the songs. First off, they are all pretty tight and you can see the obvious inspiration for them. The only real concern I have is that they all seem to be in the same key (or most of them, anyways). This wouldn't be a problem, but I'm just examining the rhythm and galloping riffs and they are all pretty similar in sound due to this. These songs would all individually be enjoyable, but as an album they may get boring if a person is listening all the way through. Additionally, the solos could be a bit more interesting as well. That said, I really enjoyed this. I like Iced Earth (not so much with Schaffer, though). They have a pretty sweet atmosphere for being a gallopy metal band.
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Thanx fo crit, man. It took me 'bout 3 month to compose 'n wright down this stuff. And... as you can see - I'm not pretty good at solos...I'm more riffmaker than solo specialist