Before anything else: I have permission from a Mod to create this thread, so don't bother reporting.

Here goes..

As you probably know, most of our memes come from places like 4chan.

I think we should change that.

This thread is a competition to create an Original meme that originated in The Pit.

1. Must be completely original
2. No spam. Post it ONCE only.
3. Keep it clean
4. No quoting pictures. If you want to quote, do this:

E.g - If someone posts a picture of a Frog, you must replace the image with the word *Frog*

It would look something like this.

Quote by Username

Be creative, and lets try and give The Pit some originality. It'll be interesting to see what UG can come up with.
RIP Tom Searle.
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Quote by whitenihilist
Way to remake a closed thread.


No. I deleted the original thread myself after someone said it wasn't allowed.

I then PM'd a mod and asked, and got permission.

PM Meh! and ask him for proof if you wish.
RIP Tom Searle.
But won't it get incredibly over-used, irritate the mods and be warnable/bannable anyway?

I'm pretty sure there is a section in the rules that says memes = bans.

Correct me if I'm wrong, this is just what I remember.