ive just got out of a broken arm and have started playing guitar again after 2 months and i noticed that with my palm muting after a bit starts to hurt my wrist (its the right hand thats hurting and i broke my left arm) i dont no why this is because i used to be able to palm mute fine without any pain what so ever. Have i started doing something wrong or do i just need to practise alot to get used to it again.
Are you palm muting correctly? If yes, go see a doctor. There should be no reason your wrist would be hurting, and we can't diagnose your pain over the internet (not to mention we're not doctors).
well i think im palm muting correctly ill try to re learn it and see if that helps and if not then ill see a docter thanks
Palm muting is simply placing the fleshy part of your hand (if you face your hand palm down, it's the right side. assuming you're right handed) on the strings near the bridge. The strings will sound muffled and won't ring out, but you'll still be able to hear them. When distorted, it will give you that chugging type of sound.
the song im learning at the moment like light to flies by trivium uses lots of palm muting bits in it and i just noticed thats its only really in bits like this
pm .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .. . .
or in the intro to scream aim fire