So I'll be picking up my electric soon and I may be getting ahead of myself a bit here but can anyone recommend some good pedals for a beginner.

I've been playing acousticly for over a year and think it'll take a bit of practice to get comfy with my LP, but i know i'll want to branch out more soon enough!

Any hints or tips?!


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I use Boss pedals. For a good distortion sound, I use a Super Overdrive pedal, and I also have an Acoustic Simulator, which has a really nice tone and I don't have to lug my acoustic along to shows if I want that sound. I'm getting along fine with those, and I've been playing for 9 years. I would start off with a Distortion or Overdrive pedal first, then work your way up to other cooler sounds depending on what you play.
A distortionpedal is a must if you ask me
(unless you want to use the distortion of the amp ofcourse)
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i think it would depend on what amp you are using. what you should do is bring your amp to the nearest shop and just try out a bunch of pedals and find the one that you think is best.
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get a amp with reverb! you will get a much warmer tone with it...you will sound not so "sharp"
a metronome/tuner.
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I think getting your hands on a cheap multi-effects pedal would be a good idea. It'll help you to get a feel for a bunch of different effects and decide which ones you like best.
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I agree with the multi-fx, except if you're already sure what sound you want, in which case get the pedals that let you make that sound and you'll enjoy playing a lot more. But nowadays good multi-fx have more than enough presets to keep you going until your 3rd guitar!
I use the Boss TU-2 tuner, which comes in very handy. Distortion pedals are also a good idea. You can't make quick changes between clean and distortion with the button on the amp, and certain genres require a lot of that.

Boss has several different distortion pedals under $100. It starts with the base DS-1 pedal and goes all the way up to the metal core at around $90. I like the Metal zone myself
Go to a guitar shop and try out pedals. That way you'll know if you want any effects pedals or not.
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