Hey Guys

I am fairly new to electric guitar (playing for about 4 months) I know a few songs, but I think its time to take it up a level.

Bare with me if I get the wrong terms.

Basically what I think I am looking for is a distortion pedal, lol. Looking for the type of sounds from the intro to 'Aint talking 'bout love by Van Halen. I have a Roland DAC-10 amp. I was looking at the Digitech hot head as they are fairly inexpensive, I dont want to spend too much on a pedal while I am still finding my feat on playing clean, just something to open up a few new sounds to work with.

Any help/insight will be appreciated.
The thing about the intro to aint talking bout love is that hes also using a phaser. If you just want a distortion pedal can you give us more songs/bands you like the sound of?
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actually calvero,
Eddie is using a flanger on the part

buy one and try it out trust me lol
Ok lets see, I have a very broad range of sounds I like, so for now I would need to pick one and go for it. Im really loving all metallica picking solos, like intro to welcome home sanitarium, and fade to black. I can play them clean and it sounds pretty good, dunno if anything could get them sounding better (more powerfull), I'm also really into buckethead.

But like I said, I like the type of sound from Van Halen, and ZZ top, (more specifically Le Grunge) The old school heavy sounds
thanks I'll check that pedal out, atm I am checking out different equipment on youtube. Will swing round the guitar center this weekend and see what they got
lol, ill check it out. I'm open to anything, just looking for a few names that I can string up at the guitar center, and hear 1st hand
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actually calvero,
Eddie is using a flanger on the part

buy one and try it out trust me lol

True that, my mistake. : )

But anyway, check out the Big Muff Pi. Even though it's not very versatile and has a very particular sound, that sound though kicks major ass and many major player used it. Be sure to try it, it's not for everyone. A great thing about it is that it sounds good on solid state amps and unbelievable on tube amps.

I had a Boss DS-2 that was amazing on my Peavey Rage(solid-state) but once i moved up to my Marshall JCM-800 i sounded crappy in comparison to the amps own overdrive. So I traded my DS-2 for an old ass(late seventies) OD-2 and got great sounds. So the thing is, in the future, when you want better sounds you might just have a great pedal forever with the Big Muff.
"...I cried. Just for a second. Then I thought, 'I must rock.' "
- James Iha

Rock on y'all!

here you go, digitech hardwire metal distortion, i played everything at guitar center, that one is the best.
Hmm...I have a metal muff but it seems it makes more noise than in distortion itself. IMO, it got a weak distortion when not making noise...
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yup the boss metal zone should nail that for ya...


i wouldn't want a muff/fuzz for van halen either. i'd get a reasonably high gain, but classic-sounding, distortion pedal. really depends on how much you want to spend.
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The Big muff Pi sounds crazy, I like it. will definitely check it out.

Cant really say how much I want to spend, as I am in South Africa, so pricing/exchange rate will be completely different.

If my calculations are correct, I dont really want to go over USD120, which in ZAR is about R1000, the digitech hot head I can get for about ZAR750

gonna check out the "digitech hardwire metal distortion" now

EDIT: Ok just checked out the hardwire, they go for around R1499 here, a bit outa my price range for now
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Picked up a hot head yesterday for ZAR200 about US$18, SCORE!!! lol, I just walked into an appliance store and there it was, dont think they knew what it was worth, so picked it up right away, going back today as they had an good condition 2nd hand Marshall amp for ZAR800, gonna go check it out, If its in good working condition its mine.

Thanks for the help guys, now I need some more songs to learn that will sound awesome on the hot head, "If I was your vampire" sounds awesome and really easy to play