I purchased a Bulldog LP kit and am trying to decide on a bridge. The next step in this build is to glue the neck on to the body, put some tuners on and then figure out where the bridge goes and drill holes. I would like to be able to string this baby up one time and make sure it intonates and that there aren't any major issues before I take the hardware off again and start the finishing job.

I think it is best to situate the bridge pre finish just in case I "f" up and have to fill holes and redrill God forbid.

I need to purchase a bridge and some tuners. I am definately going to buy some locking tuners, but the bridge thing I am still undecided. I am starting to think that the "Tone Pros" is pretty much hype. If I went that direction I would get the one with the graph tech saddles and it sells for almost a hundred bux. Factor in a stop tail piece and the price is more like 150 bux. I also see the Gotoh bridge and stop tail piece for sale at places like Warmoth, StewMac etc for around 50 bux for the bridge and stop tail piece.

Is the TonePros 100 bux better? If there is no noticable difference besides the fact that the TonePros has setscrews that lock the bridge and tailpiece to the posts then I am going with the cheaper bridge setup and spend the money saved on nice pick ups or something.

I want a nice bridge but I don't want to be throwing money away either.

Any advice?
i wouldnt think it makes all that much of a difference, especially a hundred dollar difference... id put the money towards something else. as long as you have the locking tuners and a good nut you should be good
It makes a big difference on my guitar. If you pick the guitar with finger and thumb then try picking it holding on to the pick with 2 fingers and thumb jazz style thats an example of the tone difference.

I have a thru body one which is half the price.
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as far as I know tune-o-matic and tone pro's are the same. the graphite version is more. depends on if you think you NEED graphite. I dont think its an improvement in sound IMO. it does change the sound so be careful. gotoh is really great stuff but the tone pro's is like industry standard right now. people are always gonna do what everyone else is doing. I have the one with the set screw on my schecter, and I can say that the guitar stays in tune even after dropping it. I dont have locking tuners and I really think you dont need them. 14:1 grovers is all I need to do 2 fret bends with 10 gouge strings. if thats not enough try 18:1 grover.
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IMO, go for the Tonepros stuff. It's very well made (so is the Gotoh TOM), and the locking does more than you'd think.
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I have the Gotoh TOM on my Schecter with Thru-Body and I am unsatisfied with it. I've played with both the Gotoh and the Tonepros and have noticed a considerable difference in how well the Tonepros stays in tune against the Gotoh.
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