Im youtube friends with the drummer ^^
Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
you guys are rehearsing at Black sheep, right? I got a band there named Death by Meteor
because UG is a family site that censors all curse words except for bitch?
Also, no double posting, read the rules.

EDIT: and maybe ass.
EDIT: and ****.
EDIT: I was wrong, not the above one...
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The Bible is awesome. Revelation is so badass, I mean, dragons and angels and the devil having an epic battle in the clouds? Badass.
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Not as bad as I thought it would be. They're actually pretty decent. Where did the name come from?
its hard to take bands seriously these days with the retarded names they choose
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yeah i remember when i had a good conscience. now i dont give a ****

smoke weed, drink 40's, **** titties