im looking to upgradeing my marshall mg 30dfx as i dont like the distortion.

at the moment i have a epiphone sg g-310 in drop a with ernie ball not so slinky's on.

im getting an Ibanez rgr420ex with same strings and tune.

i was wondering which would be the best amp to get to play metal a friend of mine recommeded the line 6 spider 3.

im looking at spending up to £200

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So, you're going to get a guitar with an edge 3 trem... and then tune to drop A (im assuming you mean AEADF#B not AADGBE).

Well. Good luck
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You really can't do much of an upgrade with that budget. The best you can do is save up more for a Bugera or a Randall tube amp. If you REALLY want a new amp, your best bet is the Peavey Vypyr.
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quick, quick, edit out the Line6 Spider thing

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Sell the mg and forgo the ibby for a while. Keep the sg and work with that. Assuming you did that, what would your budget be for an amp?
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