Wanting a title, hows that for a title! :P just wrote this 5 minutes ago, see what u think

Don't look back on what i said
cuz all thats now history
i look upon a fallen face
thats tryin to find its room for space

A) Its not the end you can see
but the taste inside my mouth killing me
Why cant this be over now
When were headed for a breakdown

B) I cant beelieve that its like this
When i tried so hard how did it miss
I'm trying ...to stop me from

Theres what you need and what you got
Theres no in betweens
Fighting out and fighting free
Another list of forgotten dreams


Oh, this time it will come around x 2
oh, this time what are you gonna stand on
oh well i hop i hear youre last sound


BAM! big ol' explosion, some like, confetti comes down....
you could call it another list of forgotten dreams. Idk. I liked that line. Usually my titles don't have much to do with the lyrics, but since idk what the song is about, that's all i got.
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