mmm soothing... a nice and easy listen, bass is a bit overpowering imo but a good mix otherwise

I'm just curious to know what were you thinking about when you were writing this ^_^
Wish I could be a bit more constructive... let's see... when the drums start picking up is a nice touch as well as the playing at around 2:10


I really like it, its very soothing. I also really like the work you did with the mixing, the bass kind of adds to the easy listening part of it. Flawless performance.

Edit: By the way C4C means that since he commented on yours, he wants you to ccomment on his.
Beautiful song man. Great guitar work on your part! I like people who are GOOD at soloing and not just faster than the speed of light. Very well put together, I really enjoyed listening to it!
Why do you keep blowing my mind, every time you post something it just blows my mind at your awesome skill. I enjoyed that one more out of all the others you've posted, just something about acoustic that you cant ever get with an electric.
Oh man, I watched this and all your youtube stuff, it's truly a work of art! I think that the fretless video was the best, however this acoustic stuff is very nice and chill. You have a great tone from the guitar as well. I have nothing to crit on this piece though, but I can tell you what I admire The same goes for "Family" as well. The acoustic pieces are very well put together, and consist of a 'full band' sound.

Well done!
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.