my question is: Is an fine effect processor better than a fine effect(like distortion or delay)
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i'm guessing you're asking the difference between analog and digital? i'm a little fuzzy on what you're asking, but i'll try and answer. for the most part, it's just preference, assuming the two effects being compared are of the same quality.
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In my experience, getting a single pedal gives a much better sound than an effects processor.
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Im asking because my aunt from far away is as questioning me shall she buy an effect processor or a delay pedal for me
George Bernard Shaw

Hell is full of musical amateurs.
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What do you want? Do you want a lot of sounds? Multi-FX. Just want a damn good delay? Delay.

Also this analog vs digital debate is bull. There's reasons why you'd want to use analog gear, and also reasons why you'd want to use digital. No better or worse.
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Analog is 90%-99% better then digital, so yeah, one pedal that does its job well > zillions of effects that sound like crap

this is complete bullshit. analog is not any percentage better than digital. in fact there are lots of times where digital is better than analog. can you do anything tap tempo with analog? nope, you cant. also, there are parameters that are much harder to control in an analog fashion than if you were manipulating the effect digitally. so analog is not better, and digital is not always better. it really depends on the effect and what it is being used for.

so we want to decide which is better, a single effect or a processor. well it comes down to the same thing: it depends. i find that distortions are almost always better in a single analog effect. processors are digital and i always think that digital distortions sound like crap. but if you are using lots of delays with different settings, then a digital processor that allows you lots of control and ease of switching is going to be a life saver. myself and others have answered questions like this many times, so if you want more information you can search the forums.