i was practicing my scales today, my harmonic minor etc

and after im done i started thinking about the name. i only know the first 6 names of the harmonic minor scale
harmonic minor
locrian natural 6th
ionian sharp 5th
dorian sharp 4th
phrygian natural 3rd
lydian sharp 2nd

what do u call the mixolydian (that is from the major scale)
in harmonic minor???

like if your in E harmonic minor
and you use D# root and go from there

D#, E, F#, G, A, B, C

is it like Mixolydian double flat 7th or something?
JW thanks =D

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I'm not sure its got a name - its just like Mixolydian with a raised root - or a flattened everything else I guess would be more correct.

Super Locrian diminished? Altered Dominant bb7?