Anybody here into Slightly Stoopid?

theyre a great rock/stoner/punk/ect band thats on tour w/ snoop dogg right now. the tour is called the "blazed & confused" tour. i'm really excited for it. i love the bands playing. the whole tour sounds like a fun experience.

theyre giving away tickets to the shows in a really cool sounding contest.

you gotta donate food to a food bank , and whoever donates the most recieves a pair of tickets. its awesome

get info here

im gonna donate a TON to the boston date !!!
i wanna like them, but it annoys me that all they talk about is smokin' herb. i mean not that i'm against that at all but i think they could talk about something else. kinda casts a bad light on the genre. and i don't like how whiney the singer's voice is in some of the songs. i prefer roots reggae to whatever slightly stoopid is considered. i do enjoy some songs, though. they're just a little too generic-american-stoner for me...
"... and on either side of the river was the tree of life, with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. The leaves of this tree were for the healing of nations.
Closer to the Sun, Otherside, 2 AM, Til it Gets Wet are all other good songs.
Haven't gotten TOO into them yet. Found them last month through the Reverbnation and Windows sponsored song thing on Myspace (which lets you download one of their songs for free at the Windows myspace). Been meaning to check out more of their stuff.
I have everything they've ever recorded and they are fantastic. it's true most of their songs are about weed, drinking, and women, but they do have songs that are not. you just actually have to listen to the lyrics.
They are coming to my area to my favorite venue. Are they worth seeing live?