only thing i was allowed to see was the youtube video. it looks nice. but i highly doubt that guy was actually playing. lol
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you're not gonna want to take a dump in a gross, off-colored, vintage toilet. you want something that is white and pearly; something that shines. something that you can put your cheeks against and say, "f*** yeah"
Amen to that Punk_Ninja.

Devy knows his stuff, I once had a dream with him in it, and he signed a jacket he bought for me..and then we talked about metal for at least an hour, and then some event came, and i never saw him again... o.O

God he's awesome...that guitar looks beautifull as well.
Haha, sweet dream man.
That is a beauty. Never much of a fan of that specific wood top, but the zebra pickups really compliment it well.
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Peavey makes some NICE guitars. At the DGF I played one through their new 3120 head and I was thoroughly impressed, despite my discrepancies with them as a company. I can't blame Devin for using them.
Those ****ers are expensive, though.
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