this is just a guitar pro 5 file, and i'm stuck here. working on it slowly, but everything sounds like bad fills. please criticize or compliment my work because it will be greatly helpful

*just wrote new bassline. tell me what you think
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your bassline sucks. if i were a bass player, i'd smack you in the head with my instrument.

change up the melody a little. its mixed well, i like the drums. but yeah, you need some work..
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yeahh the bassline isnt too good, it didnt sound smooth or well put together at all, sounded spasmodic
are you trying to make a ****ty ringtone, cause thats what it sounds like
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k, i'm writing a new bassline. does anybody know a good example, kind of a similar intro, for what my bassline should kind of look like? i'm trying Clairvoyant Disease by Avenged Sevenfold, and having some ideas, but any others would be helpful.

thx for the comments