It really pisses me off when people buy half stacks just for practise at home. You know some gigging musicians wish they had enough money for a decent amp, but can only afford cheap gear. Another observation i made is that most people with a "gibson les paul and marshall half stack" in their bedroom fit under this category:

1. don't write their own stuff, just play tabs
2. have no understanding of music theory
3. don't have a band or any future as a musician
4. only own expensive gear to brag and say that they get that *insert guitarist* tone
5. are rich brats

I don't mean to bash LPs or Marshall amps, but many people do stereotype those as "the best".

So pit, what do you think?
I think let them do what they want? Instead why don't you buy some nice gear and stop moaning about it.

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Uh, let them do want they want with their money?

I agree.
Are jealous that your friend has nicer gear than you?
grok it.


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Hurray for generalizing, ranting, typecasting, and feeling jealous because some people can afford better things than some other people.
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Its lame.
Would you rather they get a Spider III?

Edit: Actually, I bet a Spider III is the amp TS has. Do I sense somebody is a bit jealous?
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I think you're an elitist jerk.


seriously, you just sound jealous. "those idiots have stuff that I want but I deserve it more" is pretty selfish.
Yes because we all know that great equipment means you are a spoiled brat who can't play guitar.

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I have a friend with a Gibson+half stack and he writes his own songs and is in a band? What category is he in hmmmmmmmm?
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Uh, let them do want they want with their money?

This by far.
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I think somebody is jealous of somebody with better gear.
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You know what pisses me off?

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Someone sounds bitter and jealous.

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You're just jealous because they have better gear than you. So what if they only play songs from tabs, don't know music theory and have no plans to gig? If they enjoy playing other bands music then why do you care? It's their money, not yours and they have the right to spend it on what they want.
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