These are some songs I've been working on non-stop the last couple of days, and I think they're finally where I want them

Basically two long progressive metal songs heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) influenced by dream theater..

(as I'm sure you'll notice when you listen to it )

anyways, would be most appreciated if you rate/comment/leave a crit, and off course just say the word and I'll crit whatever you want me to
Meaning of life.zip
Word from above.zip
Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly; man got to sit and wonder, 'Why, why, why?'
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land; man got to tell himself he understand.

I am listening to Meaning of Life. I like it so far I've got my foot tapping to a midi good sign. I really like the bass line and drums a lot. The Guitar is also good. I feel wrong trying to help you improve being as though I suck at writing. To me in very few places the guitars sounded little sloppy like the notes were forced like going from 117-118... But that's all I really could say bad great job. C4C? Mine is in my signature
Meaning of Life: Intro was really good. The part where the guitar got in was also great. The rhythm was kind of weird, but nice in it's way. From bar 25 it got a little weird but still very nice. Section 2 was kinda out of nowhere, and I didn't really like it, but that's just me. Lyrics were nice but kinda generic. Pre-Chorus was nice. Chorus had some nice parts but the singing melody was pretty annoying. Section 3 was not so nice as such, but interesting, which is good. It kinda stretched on towards the end. The Solo also came out of nowhere but it was good here. Nice solo, not too special though. I didn't really like the bridge. The Lead was good. I don't like the Cymbals you put right before each segment begins. The fades are starting to annoy me. Section 6 was pretty unnecessary. Outro was way too long, should cut it down a little. On the whole nice piece, could use some changes though.
Word From Above: Intro was promising. Groove was very nice, better than I expected. Guitar Interlude was a little annoying, too whiny. Maybe that's the GP though. I liked the change. Pre-Verse was too long. Verse was really good. Piano Interlude was the same as the Guitar one. They both sound like Scottish war marches. One Higher was really annoying. Verse 2 was nice, it would be better with singing obviously. Chorus was nice, a little generic, and stretched out too long. Bass Interlude was the same but slower. I liked it when the Piano came in. A lot. Keys Interlude was a bit unnecessary, but nicer than the rest. Guitar Lead was nice. Bass II was pretty nice, a bit too long. Solo was very nice. **** THAT **** added to the song. NO MORE INTERLUDES!!! Badam Bam was good. The outro was actually nice, but way too long. Nice, but cut out most of the interludes (not the keyboard one).
Meaning of Life-
Intro- Fantastic bass line, the flowing melody was great with the acoustics.
Transition- decent, I don't really prefer the drum line but .hey we can't all be good at drums and guitar.

All the muscian work is solid.
I just dont like this style.
Good work though.

Can I get your opinion?
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Word From Above

Intro is nice and sets a great groove for the song
Loving the strings at 'Groove'
Nice lead guitar work but could use a little variation IMO
I'm not caring much for the vocals. There isn't much melody to them
Piano interlude is very cool. The bass adds a lot to that section
The modulation in the guitar part was really cool
Verse 2 was a tad boring.
Chorus was boring too. Especially the vocal line...sorry
The bass interlude is a good idea but the line was pretty generic
The piano does a very good job making it more unique.
I enjoyed the guiar lead at 176.
The bass part after that is really attention grabbing. Nicely done
I liked the beginning of the guitar solo, but it sorta lost it's interest when it went back into C time.
At this point I think you should seriously think about ending it. It's going on quite a long time doing the same things over and over.
The piano outro was pleasant, but I would have left the bass out there.

Anyways, solid song, nice stucture and cool riffs and leads. My big complaints were the length of the song being too long without fresh ideas along with (no offense) a ridiculously boring vocal line.

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damn, that looks like a LOT of work, dude. just listened to meaning of life and for me it seems to be pretty good. I usually dont like progressive metal/rock, it's too complex for me and I cant really get into it, but your song really got me going. I cant really give you advice, I would just use the riffs and make 3 different songs out of it, so I better say nothing
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