I've been messing around with my PODxt the past couple weeks and I think I finally came up with some good stuff. My favorite band is Dream Theater so I've been trying to make a JP tone. I def made an AMAZING clean tone but I don't know about the Mark IV setting I made. I used all of Petrucci's actual settings to correspond with it so it's gotta be close. What do you guys think? You can either go on CustomTone.com and d/l them (username: bballgod237....they should be first since they're newest upload) or I'll list the specs here:

Clean setting-
Amp: Line 6 Acoustic 2
Cab: none
Mic: it says I have none selected but I have 25% room?
Drive: 63%
Bass: 93%
Mid: 57%
Treble: 86%
Presence: 94%

Threshold: -8
Gain: 12db
Threshold: -96db
Decay: 100%

EQ settings:
80hz: 11db
240hz: 2db
750hz: -11db
6600khz: 11db

Mod: Sine Chorus
Speed: whole note
Depth: 71%
Bass: 50%
Treble: 79%
Mix: 49%

Reverb: Medium Hall
Pre: 50%
Decay: 50%
Tone: 50%
Mix: 60%

Mark IV setting- (to get solo tone just do this same setting and then add stereo delay at 250ms.....that's what he uses)
Amp: Treadplate Dual
Cab: 4x12 treadplate
Mic: 57 on axis - 0% room
Drive: 64
Bass: 49
Mid: 24
Treble: 50
Presence: 63

Threshold: -12db
Gain: 8db
Threshold: -50db
Decay: 100%

EQ Settings:
80hz: 11db
240hz: 2db
750hz: -10db
6600khz: 11db

Stomp: Screamer
Drive: 50%
Gain: 65%
Tone: 35%

So yeah....the clean sounds so damn good I can't get over it but the distortion sound a little bit muddy. Any suggestions or feedback?