Hey, I recently purchased a Peavey 6505+ Halfstack that I absolutely LOVE. I'm playing BYD, All That Remains, Lamb of God, that kinda stuff. Pretty much a wide variety of metal. So the distortion on it is wonderful, I have no issue with that, BUT.

I really wish I had a better clean channel on it. Assuming my budget is roughly 400 dollars, could you suggest me something I could get to help my clean channel out? Th tone I'm looking for in the clean department would be like a nice ambient circa survive tone.

My guitar is a Schecter C-1 classic, running through a Boss Ns-2 than to the amp.
yea get a new amp.there isnt much u can do to improve an amps clean tone

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reverb or chorus.

other than that, you may just need to get another amp.
Knowing America and it's crazy prices you can probably find yourself a used Carvin Legacy or X100b. They have fantastic cleans.
It's probably a stupid suggestion, but like throwing a line 6 pod in there, and running one of its clean sounds out of the clean channel wouldn't help at all would it?
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reverb or chorus.

other than that, you may just need to get another amp.

this. a little reverb and chorus almost always makes a clean tone better. and mess with the EQ for awhile, sometimes its just hard to find the right eq setting on certain amps.
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i think your better off getting an amp for cleans like the above people said. and you can a/b them when running dirty for a fat sound.
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Vox tone lab
Vox ac50
satches time machine
vintage phase 90
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A compresser, reverb and maybe a pickup that is designed for good cleans. My friend has a behringer compresser and a holy grail running through his 6505 and it has great cleans. He also retubed it with JJ tubes and uses a cab with 4 Warehouse Veteran 10s in it.
oh yeah, i forgot to mention that I'm already running it through my Alesis 3630 compressor, which is a recent purchase. the 6505+ doesn't have any reverb on it, i realized, so that might actually help a lot, especially with the sound I'm looking for.
Yeah. The EHX Holy Grail is good if you're looking for a cheaper 'verb that'll get the job done. Also, maybe a retube? Are the tubes in it stock or has it been retubed?
EHX Knockout EQ. It makes cleans awesomeley gooo.d
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It was retubed very recently. I bought it used, but he retubed it just before i bought it, I don't know what he put in it, but I do know the guy I bought it from knew his friggen tone. I'll look into the holy grail.
Okay, well if the previous owner knew his stuff, he probably retubed it well. Though I'd still look and see whats in it.