I'm just now discovering the vast world of acoustic gutiar playing and I'm loving it so far, I never knew you could get such a wide tonal range without pickups/amp/effects and just using your fingers and picking dynamics.

The song Lost for words has always been one of my favorite songs in an unplugged guitar but what are other songs that sound LIKE Lost for Words by Pink Floyd?

So far I've heard a lot of clapton unplugged like Layla and Tears in Heaven, but I know there must be other great songs out there with killer acoustic riffs.

So any songs welcome, no matter the technique level (although too hard or near impossible might be too much for a beginner like myself.)

Ps. Keep in mind the sound I'm looking for is like the one on the Pink Floyd song
cool song, not really Lost for Words but anyways, anyone else?
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you want a cool song then your guardian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus is a good choice but thats just me