Hi, does anyone know how to record directly to my computer with a Roland Cube 30x? The webcam mic and my video camera both have really bad quality. Is there a certain cable or something that I need to connect my amp to my comp (it's Windows Vista by the way)? And once I do that, do I need to download a program like Audacity to record, and also do I need to buy a mic as well? Thanks!
You can record directly with the headphone out. Use an instrument cable and you'll probably have to get a 1/4"-1/8" adapter for your soundcard (which isnt going to sound that great) but it should work. You'll also need a DAW of some kind, Audacity is free try it out. If you record "direct" there's no need for a mic right now.
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you could buy a cheap usb mic
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you could try to get a jack to minjack adapter (1/4" to 1/8") and try it with yoru line-in, if you got one, if not, use the mic input. if you're lucky and your computer got a decent soundcard, youll get ok sound, if not, a bad sound. those adapter costs 2-3 dollars in US, i think.

NOTE: Some mic-inputs dont do stereo cables well, try to get a mono adapter. (one black ring around the minjack plug).
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