I'm probably not going to buy any new gear for a while since I'm 15 and don't have a job. However, I do have a decent amount of money. I'm going to bring in my Ibanez GSA60 for a tune-up in the next week or so, and the local music store which I go to has a decent amount of pick-ups. Along with the tune, should I buy a new humbucker and see if they can install that? I'd do it myself, but I don't have any soldering tools. Plus, my mom/grandparents (whom I live with) are all paranoid that I'm messing up my guitar whenever I try to do something, like tighten the tremolo springs, etc. This is the pick-up I'm thinking of getting:


I'm not 100% sure they have this, but they do have a lot of other Seymour Duncans. So if you think I should put in a different pick-up made by them, say so. The reason I was planning on getting this is because, based on clips I've heard, has a nice high-mid/treble boost and sounds good clean and dirty. And this is the guitar:

http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-GSA60-Electric-Guitar?sku=519536 (Actually, I wasn't aware that the body was Agathis. I thought it was just basswood.)

tl;dr: Should I put ^^that humbucker in ^that guitar?
Honestly, you probably won't notice a change in tone with a new pickup on a modelling amp. You'd probably be better off buying a new amp in terms of tone.

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It would be a good upgrade, but mind, you will have to pay for the pickup installation
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eddie is right, i just bought a marshall half stack< its not tube but it still sounds amazing, and i have an ibanez ax series, ive played a whole lotta guitars and for some reason i love my 300 dollar guitar. i put in neck and bridge pick ups in ( alnico II pros) and it made the sound extremely better. so id go with the amp first then the pickups
Alright, thanks for the advice. While I will buy a tube amp (Peavey Valveking, most likely) in due time, I should probably wait to upgrade pickups until I have it. Plus, by that time, I'll probably have more money.