Hey everyone, im looking to buy a new amp, but i am having trouble choosing between the Marshall MG50DFX ans Vox AD50VT, suggestions would be very useful, other 50W recommendations are welcome, thanks ahead =D
Yea whats the budget, i think you can do better for the price of the MG50 though.
+1 to what these guys said.
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Personally the vox, how about the orange rockerverb 50w?
I highly recommend the Vox, I own the 100 watt version and all the amp models sound great.
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Personally the vox, how about the orange rockerverb 50w?

That's about £700-800 more expensive.
I recommend the Vox as well, on a recent Guitar Center (ugh) trip, I tried out several amps, the AD50VT being one of them and it sounds great, not AMAZING but great, the amp models sound pretty authentic and the effects are much better sounding than the ones you would get on a Marshall MG.
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Personally the vox, how about the orange rockerverb 50w?

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Also have a look at the Peavey Vypyr which is a good amp for the price range you're in.
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my budget is about 300-400$, i was thinking about getting a use amp though
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Personally the vox, how about the orange rockerverb 50w?

The guy's trying to decide between an MG and a valvetronix.

What makes you think he has $2500?
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Take http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/B52-60Watt-1x12-Tube-Combo?sku=480046">this any day over those.

And, the B-52 is in your budget.

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Vox definitely, but whats your budget and what music you want to play?

im gonna play mostly rock , alternative, mostly muse style, budget is flexible though, but im just looking for a good 50 watt amp
Vox wins, stay away from mg's.
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Get the vox, if you want to go tube you could get a Blackstar HT-5 or a B-52 in that price range.
Get the vox. More useful and many ppl say its just a great amp. A lot of ppl hate Marshall's MG Series.
I would say the vox. I think the newer VT series sound a bit better than the older ADVT series though..

But the other suggestions like the B-52 and Blackstar are good choices as well.
It would help us A LOT if you would tell us what genre you play.
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