So im talking to my friend and he plays guitar. Hes a bit of a sheep and follows what everyone else does but he seems to enjoy it. He has a Fender Frontman as an amp and asked me for help on a new amp for him. He plays alot of Metal. Well, to my knowledge, only metal. Slayer, Manson, KMFDM or something. But he wants a new amp. He was so dead set on a Line 6 or a Randall. when i asked his price range he said up to 300 (300 usd) and i knew the only Line 6 he was gonna get was a spider and i cant let him do that. I know nothing about randall amps so i kinda just ignored that part of it. But what should he look into to?
randalls are pretty decent, far better than the line 6's. look at craigslist and start looking for used gear. he might even be able to pick up a used tube amp in that price range
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for a new amp have a look at the peavey vyper. for a used amp have a look at the peavey valveking 112