Poll: What's your favourite sauce?
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View poll results: What's your favourite sauce?
10 7%
Salad Cream
2 1%
5 4%
14 10%
BBQ Sauce
39 28%
Brown Sauce (HP)
5 4%
Mint Sauce
2 1%
Tomato Sauce
23 17%
Worcestershire Sauce
6 4%
Other (Specify)
32 23%
Voters: 138.
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Just wondering what the Pit's favourite kind of sauce is. For me it's definately BBQ sauce, with mint sauce close behind.

Poll coming.
BBQ sauce and brown sauce
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Man sauce. Ok, now that that is out of the way. Ketchup FTW!
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Best thing for a BBQed burger ever!

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wow, how the hell do u post the exact same thing i was gonna say in a lot of threads, before i say it. MINDPLOSION.

... and why is there no reggea reggea sauce on that poll?

make it on their I demand it!
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sweet and spicey
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sweet baby rays honey barbecue sauce
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Hot Tobasco + Pot Noodle = Nice.

Tobasco is made for that purpose.
Budweiser Smokey Barbecue Sauce
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Homemade Mango Salsa ftw! Or Worcestershire.
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Reggae Reggae ftw.


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I have an undenied love for the sweet delicous BBQ-sauce.
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Tobasco is made for that purpose.

Anything added to a pot noodle is wasted. Nothing can make it good.
Tobasco is ideal for cold roast chicken
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Anything added to a pot noodle is wasted. Nothing can make it good.
Tobasco is ideal for cold roast chicken

or turkey cordon bleu!

*walks to stove and pours tobasco sauce over everything*
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Reggae Reggae ftw.

definitely this!
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Hot Tobasco + Pot Noodle = Nice.

I've never tried that. I always have it plain or throw in some oyster crackers. That is now second on my list of priorities.
I put Tabasco on my tuna steak earlier.

It was indeed awesome.

Ahh, that reminded me. I'm growing myself some Tabasco chillies They shall be fun.
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Way too many sauces out there to fit enough into the poll.


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Frank's Red Hot or A1 Steak Sauce FTW
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Yes! Come on BBQ Sauce!

Didn't realise many people like it, I usually get odd looks in restaurants when they say "Any sauces?" and I reply "BBQ Sauce please".
ketchup. on EVERYTHING!
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Soy Sauce
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salad cream??

I like bbq sauce.
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Tabasco, it goes great on popcorn and in butter with my lobster

Barbeque is good too though........

Love getting source material from there.
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