Looking back in fascination worse than before
Living in the past is a new generation,
Remember how it felt,

On fire or on trial facing the demons of the day
Your steps thru the wild are beyond retracing,
Would you give it up,

Would you give up the honor and the fame,
To lose the hatred and the shame,
Your dark disguise will not hide,
The dark destroyer left inside,

Give them a reason,
Give them the reason,

The young will remember but the old will never forget
The pain and the poison will be yours forever,
Will you now,

You tell yourself there is no reason,
Tears are your only friend,
Crashing is the reason,
Around the days next bend.


I have written a lot of stuff, but this is the first time I have shared it.

Waddya think.
*sees that this is in S&L Contests*

Well, you're the only one in this contest, so here's a gold medal!

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