Hey, Dave, 17, i'm a bass player of around 3 and a half years and a guitar player of a few months less. Looking for a very serious group of musicains to form a band with.

I play a range of styles, so if you're reading this and your interested in getting in touch then just tell me what genres you're mainly into and we can have a chat. Though i'm not particularly into metal, jazz, classic rock or ska/punk. It's not that I dislike those genres, I just don't much fancy playing them.

I have all my own equipment and can travel. So if you're a singer/guitar player/drummer/kazoo player and looking to start a band then get in touch, or if you already the makings of a band and need another member. Either pm me, add my MSN (on my profile) or just leave a response here. Thanks.
Hey you sound like the person i've been looking for. Im 18 and from Birmingham. You replied to my thread a couple of weeks ago but i havn't been on lately to reply. If you're still interested let me know. I've found another guitarist in Birmingham so we just need a bassist to complete things.
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