some noobish questions, be patient
never played hollow bodies, but i seem to dig them

as far as comparison between hollow body and solid body guitars goes, hollows have more sustain and actually "hollower" sound, right?

is there difference between hollow-bodied guitars which have those f-holes and do not have them?

are hollow bodies capable of producing higher gain sounds (just occasionaly ) without extreme feedback? i've heard brian may designed his red special hollow inside just to have controllable amount of feedback. He says it makes the guitar alive
Play one.

I never tried to get the br00talz out of one. But they do have a full rich sound. Very old school rock-a-billy. Also good for jazz and blues, pretty much anything but metal so I guess I should try it for that. I have a clip on my profile of a washburn I did yesterday.

Edit: I did a bit of metallica so I guess I did try some br00tz lol.
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